Unlimited Salesforce Reporting

Leverage your existing Salesforce reports, create your own, or ask us to build you a custom report during your free provisioning session.Or, use our charts to see the source of your incoming leads, providing deeper insight than you thought possible.

We store our data natively in Salesforce, so whatever you want to do with your data, you can. Export it to a mapping tool (we include geolocation coordinates), run Opportunity Reports based on the Lead Source, run reports based on Lead Task History . . . everything is possible.

All of those reports can then turn into Dashboards, where like reports, you can use your own, use Salesforce standard reports, or use ours.

Daddy Analytics comes with 20 Prebuilt reports:

Report List - Salesforce Adwords Daddy Analytics

Which feed data to half a dozen Dashboards.

Dashboard List - Salesforce Adwords

Showing information like Lead Conversion Rates:

Lead Conversion Rate Reports - Salesforce

Or Leads by Lead Source:

Lead Source - Salesforce Dashboard

Or Cumulative Leads by Lead Source:

Cumulative Lead Source - Salesforge