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Upgraded Adwords URL’s

The form at the bottom of this page was designed before Google introduced Upgraded URL’s in 2015. While you can still use the form to construct URL’s, we recommend that you instead use Tracking Templates.

At the risk of oversimplifying, Google has split the old Destination URL into two entities: the Final URL (which is where you want your visitors to go) and the Tracking Template (which is what Analytics engines like ours use to track the Adwords visitors).

If you are here because you’d like to setup Google Adwords to work with Daddy Analytics, and you aren’t entirely sure what to do, then chances are you can just use


as your Tracking Template.

Alternatively, if your Final URL already has paramaters (and thus the ? is already in your Final URL) then you would use


Watch this Video to see how to configure Adwords for Daddy Analytics

Old Tracking Form

As we said above, chances are you don’t need to use this anymore.


Enter the destination URL / Landing Page


Enter campaign information