Showing Lead Conversion Rates

A couple people have asked for more details about our Dashboards in Salesforce, as we show the percentage of Leads converted by owner, also known as Lead Conversion Rates.

Lead Conversion Rates - Salesforce Dashboard

This report comes standard as part of the Daddy Analytics reports, but if you don’t have Daddy Analytics, you can still create the report manually.

To do so, create a new report, using the standard Lead report type, and set it to Matrix.

Put Lead Owner (or whatever other grouping you want, such as Lead Source, etc) on the left and Converted on the top of the Matrix report.

This is where the fun starts – you want to make a formula field, which divides the number of converted records by the total number of records. This will give you a formula on each of the two columns. One column will always say zero. But for the other column, this is the percent converted. See the screenshot for exact formula.

The formula is hard, you’ll need to choose the correct dropdowns in the PARENTGROUPVAL formula. And remember that when selecting Summary Fields, RowCount isn’t shown but Record Count is – and Salesforce rewrites it on the fly as RowCount.

Important: If you are trying to add a formula to your page, and you can’t, this is probably because you clicked “Remove All Columns” or manually removed all the columns, and Salesforce won’t let you add a formula without an additional, non-formula fields. It’s just how Salesforce works. So if you can’t add a formula, drag another field onto your matrix report, like Lead First Name (doesn’t matter which field). If it won’t drag over, drag it to the white area to the right of the matrix report.

Finally, I’ve added a chart onto the report, though you could also do this through a dashboard. It shows the percentage completed by Lead Owner as a bar chart.

The thing to keep in mind is that if you chose a vertical bar chart, you want the converted column before the unconverted column in the Matrix report, but vice versa for a horizontal bar chart. To change this, have the converted column set to Sort Group Ascending / Descending in the report builder.

The screenshots should show you all the details you need. Good luck!

Matrix Report – Lead Conversion Rates

Report Builder for Lead Conversion Rates in Salesforce

Formula for ReportFormula to determin Lead Conversion Rates in Salesforce

Chart (or Dashboard) showing Lead Conversion Rates

Chart - Dashboard editor for Lead Conversion rates in Salesforce

8 thoughts on “Showing Lead Conversion Rates

  1. Walter Pelowski

    This is a great tutorial and a great report! Thank you! I am having one problem however; I can’t seem to drag the “Percent Converted by Lead” formula onto the Matrix report. How did you get that to appear above the Record Count in your first screenshot? Did I miss something? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    1. Stony Grunow Post author

      Hi Walter,

      This sometimes happens when you don’t have a field ‘in’ the report yet. It’s possible to build a Matrix report with no columns as part of the report. I recommend starting with a summary report with a number of fields in the report and then changing it to a matrix report. The issue you’re having is common, and this report can be very fiddly.


  2. Brooks

    Thanks for the post. I’ve gotten to the step where I’m dragging the custom formula onto my Matrix report and yes, I read the part about needing an additional non-formula field so I added Lead First Name but I’m still not able to add the custom formula. I can’t drag it onto the report. Any help greatly appreciated and thanks again for the post!


    1. Stony Grunow Post author

      Hi Brooks

      This can be tricky. You can try adding the fields when in Summary or Tabular, then switching to a Matrix report. That sometimes helps. And make sure you’ve checked “See Details” rather than “Hide Details”


  3. Nathan Lindstrom

    Hi, I’ve followed the steps you’ve shown above but my graph isn’t working right. Everything seems to show up as 100% and I’m only seeing the blue true bar. For instance one of my lead owners in the report has a conversion ratio of 34% but it shows up as 100% in the graph. Any thoughts as to what might be going on?

    1. Stony Grunow Post author

      Hi Nathan

      This is a tricky report. For what you describe, I can guess that the bars might be normalized to 100? You need to show the raw percent, not ‘percent of’ which shows bars relative to other bars (and in that scenario, one bar will always be exactly 100%).

  4. Steve Smith

    This is great, and I did everything written above. However, I cannot get the percentage to show up in a chart, and thus a dashboard. When I put the chart together exactly as you have it above, it only returns the RowCount numbers – so if 20 leads converted, I get the number 20, rather than 4%, which is the actual conversion rate. Any idea how to fix this?

    1. Stony Grunow Post author

      Hi Steve

      Sorry for the slow reply. As for your question, this is one of the tricker reports to create, and a lot of people have different issues. Not sure what’s going on with yours, though hope you solved it by now!

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