Seamless Form Integration

We never met a form we couldn’t integrate.

We include a free setup and provisioning session, so if there’s a tricky bit, you can sit back in your chair with a hot beverage (or cold brew if the boss isn’t around). We use screen sharing, and can either talk you through it or take control of the mouse and click away.

Whether you have Salesforce Web-to-Lead, Gravity Forms, Hubspot, or you hacked your own form, as long as that information gets into Salesforce Leads somehow, we can get it working.

We also help you through the web site configuration, making sure you know where to put the tracking code on your website.

We even setup your Lead page layout, submit a few dummy leads, and make sure you’re fully ¬†comfortable.

The whole process usually takes less than an hour.

The only thing we can’t do is get the cup of coffee for you.

Hot beverage during free Daddy Analytics provisioning session