Salesforce Lead Generation Track Anonymous Web Visitors

Not enough leads?

Wish you could call all the people on your website who don’t fill out a form?

With Daddy Analytics, you can now track and market to your anonymous web visitors, and create Leads from your list of anonymous visitors.


If you’ve installed Daddy Analytics and configured your website, you’ll find this on the tab called Daddy Analytics. You can either add it to your list of tabs, or click the + just after the last tab. Still don’t see it? You may need to get a Daddy Analytics license.

Daddy Analytics Tab in Salesforce

We track every visitor to your website, and record their GeoLocation, Referring Website, Search Term, and UTM Campaign Parameters. What this means is, unlike anonymous Google Analytics results, we’ll show you information on each specific visitor. Here’s one visitor:

Daddy Analytis - Example of anonymous Lead Tracking

In the lead above, we can see they are based in San Francisco, CA, and their company is McKesson Corp. We know this because their IP address has been matched to an established company. They spent 8 minutes on our website, over 2 pages, and came in through Google Adwords. I even know what they googled for, and what keyword they matched on. This is just the beginning of us turning them into a marketing Lead!

If we click “Create Lead”, Daddy Analytics turns this anonymous visitor into a Salesforce Lead, using their company name to populate the Company field. Let’s see what this Lead looks like:

Daddy Analytics - Convert Anonymous Visitor into a Marketing Lead

Incredible! We have a qualified lead. Granted, it lacks a name, but we can assign our outbound sales team to call this company, find the relevant person, and start the sales process.