Privacy Policy

Of the limited information we collect, we will only use individual customer data for in-house purposes.We will never share your data, sell your data, or let any third party data have your data. We will never spam you.

The exceptions to this are:

  • When requested by law enforcement
  • In aggregate, when your data is merged into other customers, i.e. we might say that our customers, on average, get 29 leads a day (never releasing the names of individual customers)
  • When we hire third-party consultants or companies to do work on our behalf.

Data We Cannot See

We have designed Daddy Analytics to be entirely secure, so that we can’t even see your data if we tried.

  • We can never see what people submit in Web-to-Lead forms. We utilize standard Salesforce Web-to-Lead forms, and all data goes directly to Salesforce, never touching our servers. All we do is add a unique, randomly generated number to each web to lead (called a token). The token looks something like this: 1361822371509-8247462
  • We can never see your Salesforce data. We have no access to it, unless you go to your administrator settings and grant us temporary access (just like you might do for Salesforce Support). Your Salesforce data never leaves Salesforce, with the exception of the token; the number that is similar to 1361822371509-8247462

What we can see:

  • The unique token value, which looks like: 1361822371509-8247462
  • The URL of the pages your visitors land on (otherwise our tool wouldn’t work), as well as all the other information we provide you, such as estimated Geo Location of your visitors, etc.

We don’t see the contents or what images or words are on your website’s pages, just the URL. So we won’t know what was on the web pages, but we’ll know that someone visited, then, then

Website Security and Performance

Our tracking cookie is very small, and is loaded asynchronously. What that means is that it’s loaded after everything else, and won’t affect the speed of your website.

Our cookie is also incredibly secure, and won’t affect your website’s security. Not only has it been tested by a third party company, but we have also gone through Security Review with Salesforce, which examined this and all aspects of our code.