Multi-Channel Tracking

Understanding where your leads are coming from

We tie sales revenue directly to the marketing event that started your customers’ journey.

Without a tool like Daddy Analytics, you would simply know your successful sales came from ‘the web’. Now, you can identify which came through Organic search and which through CPC. Which came from Google, and which came from partner links. Understand how much guest blogs are worth, or even the call to action in the footer of your email. We can track every incoming link.

Google Adwords

Make sure every penny spent on ads returns the needed revenue to justify the expense.

We track all paid search and display options. WIth Google Adwords, we can show you which campaign the ad came from, the specific ad itself, and the keyword you matched on.

With all other ad networks, we can identify various things, such as campaign, ad network, and more, depending on their network.

Other Networks


Organic Search


We track organic search site, domain, and keyword, as well as the landing page your visitor came to.

Directories and Listings


Social Engagement and Advertising