Complete Security

Tracking adwords and salesfore with PCI Compliant Daddy AnalyticsWe are a PCI-DSS Level 1 Security compliant organization, and we have passed Salesforce’s rigourous code review.

But most importantly, we have a complete hands off approach to your data.

Form data is handled only by you and your choice of form solutions. We don’t touch, see, or know anything about the data people submit in your form.

Furthermore, we don’t access your Salesforce data. Our code doesn’t open up your Salesforce org to third party access. Your data is one of your most valuable assets, and we respect that. We couldn’t even see it if we were taken over my evil geniuses – it’s just not technically possible.

Finally, your data never leaves Salesforce. The only thing that does leave Salesforce is a token (a random number generating a single lead), which we pass to our analytics servers. Based on that token alone, we are able to match and provide information on your web visitors.

We know security. Your data doesn’t have to be safe with us – your data is never with us.