Buy Through Rates Going further than Click Through Rates

Going further than Click Through Rates

Putting your effort into CPC and SEO will generate lots of clicks, and it’s easy to track Click Through Rates (CTR). Equally, you can email your list and measure how many click on a link. But you don’t make money when someone clicks and looks at your site. You make money when someone opens up their wallet (or calls their purchasing department) and buys.

Daddy Analytics helps you track Buy Through Rates (BTR) on your website.

You might know that one keyword gives you a 1.2% click through rate, and another gives you 1.5% click through. But how does this help you bid appropriately?

Likewise, you might do incredibly well in SEO on one term, less so on another. But which term is bringing you revenue, and which term is bringing you people just surfing?

Traditional web analytics will talk about conversions, which is better than mere CTR rates. But conversions aren’t sales. Conversion rates won’t tell you which customers bought, and exactly how much they spent.

If you don’t know the the buy through rate for all of your keywords and SEO phrases, and you don’t know the average sale value broken down by keyword and individual ad, how can you focus your marketing efforts in the right place?

Daddy Analytics provides the tools and metrics to help you understand your Buy Through Rate in Salesforce.