Monthly Archives: July 2015

Integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks Online

Our other app, Breadwinner, just added the ability to now integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks Online!

We’re incredibly excited by this news. The current solutions available to integrate Salesforce with QuickBooks Online suffer from a lot of problems.

The current market leader is DBSync, but their problem is that DBSync was designed for QuickBooks Desktop. You can’t ‘tweak’ a program to make it magically work with an online version of QuickBooks too. So they shoe-horned their existing app and hammered it until it kinda-sorta-works. If you want to use DBSync for QuickBooks Desktop, it’s not a bad choice. But for QuickBooks Online? Ouch.

Zapier is another market leader, and has similar companies chasing it like Workato. They sync Salesforce with everything under the sun, including QuickBooks Online. Their strength is that they can sync to so many tools, but the result is a weak, shallow integration. And we feel that connecting Salesforce to Finance is one of the most important things you can do.

Breadwinner for QuickBooks Online includes a free trial and is designed to help you scale your business.