Monthly Archives: March 2014

I’m Back And I want to give you money.

Arnold always tells us if he’s coming back, and best of all, we know when he’s back.

Salesforce returning visitor feature - like Arnold saying I'm Back

Don’t you wish your leads told you every time they came back to your website? Well, with Daddy Analytics, they do!

We’re currently beta testing a feature that creates a chatter post every time someone returns to your website. Wow.

Chatter updates for returning visitors in Salesforce

You can see these chatter posts on the Lead Record, or by going to the Chatter tab and clicking Feed > All Company on the left of the page. I think we’ll add a chatter hashtag #daddyanalytics to the posts so you can find all of them. I was tempted to make the hashtag #imback or #iwanttogiveyoumymoney but we had to be a bit more serious and think of branding.

Enabling this feature

If you want this feature during the beta testing, go to your Daddy Analytics Setup tab, look at the bottom of the page for a tiny underlined dot. Click it, and then check the box for “Beta Features”, and click Save. Leave the rest of the settings alone unless you want to mess up your org!

(don’t see the tick box for “Beta Features”? You probably don’t have Chatter enabled. You have to enable that first, and then email us and we’ll update you to the latest version)

Caveats – this is a beta feature, and will be changing as we refine it. And, we haven’t set pricing, though we think this will be at the Enterprise Level. Which means customers on our old pricing will want to upgrade to Enterprise. Luckily, you won’t be paying the full Enterprise price as we’ll reduce the minimum licenses – existing customers can keep however many licenses you have now.