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Integrating Salesforce and Google Adwords

Digital Marketers usually integrate Salesforce with Google Adwords to measure the ROI of Adwords spending. Marketing knows they are spending money on Adwords, and they know that leads are coming in from Google Conversion Tracking, but the don’t know which leads came from Adwords, and they certainly don’t know which leads came from which Keyword, Campaign and Ad.

Google Adwords Revenue Question mark

Once you can connect Adwords to Salesforce, not only do you know which Leads can from which source, but you can reverse the question and ask “How many Leads came from this Keyword (that we spend X dollars on)”. You can further ask “How many qualified leads, how many oppportunities, and how much revenue came from this Keyword”. That final question is the holy grail of questions, as from this you can determine your bidding strategy on Adwords. Knowing your true Client Acquisition Cost and your Adwords ROI down to the keyword allows you to do so many things – spend less but bring in the same revenue, or spend the same and bring in more revenue, or chose the right keyword to beat out the competition that lacks your ROI knowledge.

We offer two tools so you can integrate Adwords and Salesforce. They do slightly different things, which is why we recommend, and internally use, both tools. Daddy Offline Conversions is our free, lightweight app that gets Salesforce Conversions into Google Adwords, which helps Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC) and also Adwords’ Conversion Optimizer. Daddy Analytics is our powerful analytics tool that allows you to see Adwords data, and run reports on this data, in Salesforce. Daddy Analytics also increases Sales by providing behavior history and return-to-website alerts.

Wondering where your leads really come from? Daddy Analytics tells you.

Wondering where your leads really come from? Daddy Analytics tells you.

Sending Adwords to Salesforce

If you’re sending your Google Adwords data to Salesforce, then you can see which of your Salesforce Leads came from Adwords vs other marketing channels, and you can also see which Keyword, Ad, and Campaign those Leads came from. Equally, you can run reports in Salesforce looking at the marketing channels and see how many leads, qualified leads, and converted leads come from each one.

More importantly, you can also see all of your opportunities and revenue broken into categories by marketing channel. Without Daddy Analytics, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to answer the question, “Where is our money coming from?”

With Daddy Analytics, that question can be answered down to the keyword, ad and campaign of Adwords or any other marketing source. And once you know the revenue per marketing channel, you can determine the ROI.

If you’d like to try Daddy Analytics you can sign up for a free trial today! No credit card required.

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Getting Salesforce data into Google Adwords

As well as getting our Adwords data into Salesforce, you can do the reverse – get your Salesforce data into Adwords, through Google’s Offline Conversion import feature, introduced by Google in September 2013.

You don’t need an app to do this, as it’s just a matter of importing a spreadsheet into Google Adwords, but both the setup and spreadsheet creation is tricky so we’ve written an app, Daddy Offline Conversions, to help.

A lot of people ask, “Which one should I use?” and we always answer that we use both Daddy Analytics and Daddy Offline Conversions, and recommend you use both. Why? Offline Conversions is powerful, but has limitations.

Offline Conversions benefits:

  • Free
  • ROI data available in Google Adwords itself
  • Assists with Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC)
  • Assists with automatic Conversion Optimization

Offline Conversion Limitations:

  • Limited to Adwords – doesn’t track other marketing sources
  • No help to your Sales team – they won’t know what prospects searched for
  • Delays – you have to wait until your sales cycle completes before getting information
  • Information limited to positive conversions, but no data available on lost sales

If you’d like to use our free app to get your Salesforce conversions into Adwords, you can download Daddy Offline Conversions from the AppExchange today.

Salesforce Web-to-Lead Spam

If you have a Salesforce Web-to-Lead form up on your website, then you have probably experienced the headache of Salesforce Web to Lead Spam. Be it Viagra, mortgages, or mobile phones, someone must be convinced that Sales and Marketing would rather visit innaprioriate sites then do their work.

(OK, maybe not so far fetched)

Salesforce usergroups are full of people complaining about it, but Salesforce has yet to do anything. But how do we get rid of it? Continue reading